Scheduling & Availability
    Kirchoff Photography is owned and operated by Jennifer, who is available for portrait sessions by appointment on weekends and between the hours of 9am - 3pm Monday through Friday.  If needed, additional times can be arranged.  Please contact us as soon as possible to discuss a date and time that is convenient. Your portrait session will be secured by paying a small retainer fee, which will be used toward the session fee. This fee is not refundable. If your portrait session must be rescheduled, the retainer fee will be used for the rescheduled session as long as you have given at least 24 hours notice.  No shows may not use the retainer fee toward the rescheduled session.

    Newborn sessions are generally planned in advance for the weekend after your due date.   But can be rescheduled as needed, as the ideal time for the session should be 3 to 14 days after the birth.  Contact us as early as possible to guarantee availability. 


    Kirchoff Photography's preference of choice is Jennifer's residential studio, but if need be, she is an can be an on-location photographer.  Jennifer works in New Haven county, but will travel to other locations for an additional fee. Please contact her to discuss the location you have in mind.


What can you expect?
    As Jennifer photographs, time is taken to pose you, your children or family members, but the session should still remain relaxed and everyone having a good time.  Your session is as much about the experience as it is about the resulting images!  Jennifer is a proud Mom of two children, so she understands kids and there is no pressure for children to "behave perfectly."  Jennifer allows for kids to be kids and will work with them... feeding, diaper changing and temper tantrums are all a natural part of life.  It would be crazy to think we won't experience them during your portrait session.


How to prepare
    If this is a children's or family session, making sure that your children are well-rested and have full tummies are great start to a fantastic portrait session.  Usually mornings after breakfast and late afternoons or early evenings after naptime are great times to schedule your sessions.  Newborn sessions have the best results when baby is sleeping, ideal age being 3 to 14 days young.  Seniors - bring an ipod or mp3 player to rock out to your favorite tunes.


What to wear
    Clothing choice is vital to making sure you session is successful.  Simple clothing in solid colors usually works best.  Solid-colored shirts with jeans or khakis and simple sundresses are timeless.  Bright, vibrant colors can also be very visually interesting - clothing that reflects the personalities of the people being photographed is fantastic!  However, please avoid clothing that is too busy or has logos, as it is not appropriate for sessions.  Barefoot images generally work best, because shoes aren't competing for attention.  Babies often photograph best with no clothes at all!  When images will include more than one person, it's not necessary that the clothing be matching, but it should coordinate together.  Jennifer will discuss clothing with you before the session to ensure your images will reflect your vision.


What to bring
    Please bring simple toys, loveys or stuffed animals that are special to your children.  Hats, scarves or other simple props are also welcome, because they will add to the uniqueness of your portrait session.  However, too many props will detract from the image, taking the attention away from the people being photographed.  If you are unsure of what to bring to your session, Jennifer can help decide what will work best.





Session Tips

  Additional tips to get the most out of your photo session.

General tips:

  • Get a good night sleep.
  • Think about what you would like your portrait to look like.
  • Select your outfit to reflect the desired look you want to capture.
  • Bring your favorite hat or other small prop.
  • Put a fresh coat of nail polish (toes too if you're going barefoot).
  • Wear the same amount of makeup you do everyday

Clothing tips:

  • If you are self conscious about your arms, wear long sleeves.
  • Dark clothing is slimming.
  • Solid colors make a better portrait (prints and logos are distracting).
  • Match your shoes with your outfit.
  • Too much jewelry can be distracting.
  • Wear a comfortable fitting outfit (not too tight or too loose).
  • Match your undergarments (white bra with a white shirt).




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